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“I was hesitant to go initially but made my way there. I have not talked much about my experience other than my therapist. I felt like it was my experience and did not want to welcome others in because I was beaten up from the initial 'words of comfort' given by others that hurt. To my surprise, I began to get emotional within the first 15 minutes. I even asked myself, 'What is going on? We are 'supposed' to be healed. What I realized is that this experience is a journey. It doesn't matter how much you distract yourself with work or others the realization is the baby you carried and loved is not here. I have avoided support groups but have learned that sharing space with women who have similar experiences as me is healing. ”

2018 Angel Mom

Our Story

My Angel Lives was Inspired by the life and death of baby Jade Marie in May of 2014.

Our founder, AshleyMarie sought bereavement support and continued to struggle.

She felt additional support was needed that celebrated the life of our Angel Babies.

My Angel Lives was created in the thick of grief and continues to grow with love and labor.


Share Stories

By educating society & decreasing grief stigma



By offering space & opportunity to actively grieve



By providing access to support through community




Bereaved Mothers Day


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Traditional Mother's Day can feel uncomfortable and perhaps isolating in the current state of our world.


This is why we celebrate International Bereaved Mothers' Day.

Our gathering is traditionally in-person, however it will be online until further notice due to Covid 19.

Don't worry, it will still have the special touch you know and love. A special space for sacred grieving...

A space where you are supported and celebrated.

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There are so many ways you can get involved with MyAngel Lives.

The first being, CONNECT. Simply connect with us so we can connect with YOU!

Having community after facing some of life's most difficult challenges is so important for each of us. 

Secondly, you can get involved by attending our annual Bereaved Mother's Day Brunch or any other events we have throughout the year.

Join us in supporting others who are dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Also, join our Facebook Group - The Brunch Club KC!


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