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Office: 500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158


Our Story

as told by our Founder, AshleyMarie

My Angel Lives consists of a phenomenal team of women who care about you. They volunteer their time, resources, and connections to ensure we’re able to care for you.

My Angel Lives exist because of Jade Marie. When she arrived stillborn on May 27th of 2014, my life unfolded. I had done everything in my knowledge and power to care for her only to be met with the painful truth that she was not here to stay. 

I created My Angel Lives once I realized my feelings weren’t exclusively sad. I experienced joy that Jade Marie existed at all. Truthfully, I was experiencing a spectrum of emotions which meant, multiple emotions can coexist. 

Our Vision

My Angel Lives is a safe haven for you to feel what you need to feel while being supported and celebrated. I created it because I needed grief to have room to spread out so that I could heal. Artistic Expression has helped me journey through my losses. 

My Angel Lives continues to exist to serve, support, and empower grief survivors. We are here to help you express grief, cultivate internal healing, and restore hope through intimate community & celebration.

My Angel Lives was created in the thick of grief and continues to grow with labor and love.

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