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Join Our Board

We are currently accepting applications for Board Members. Please see below for additional information.

Board Member Position Descriptions 


  • Communicate effectively the mission, vision, and goals of the organization to the community.

  • Be fluent in My Angel Lives programs/projects.

  • Lead and govern Board Meetings. Ensuring they are scheduled and planned.

  • Bring objectivity and impartiality to decision-making and meetings.

  • Address conflict and facilitate change.

  • Provide support and direction to Board Members & Volunteers.

  • Coordinate the Chapter leaders to ensure responsibilities are being met.

  • Delegate responsibilities to the Vice Chair or other leaders as needed.


  • Communicate effectively the mission, vision, and goals of the organization to the community.

  • Performs the duties of the Chair when the Chair is not available.

  • Works closely with the Chair to ensure the Chair’s duties are met.

  • Supports other Board Members as needed.


  • Record, distribute, and maintain minutes of Chapter Leadership meetings.

  • Create a yearly annual report for the community. 

  • Maintain files of the non-profit regarding volunteers, contact lists, and policies.

  • Monitors expenses, documentation and maintains budget.

  • Works with the Events Chair to ensure financial responsibility for fundraising activities.

This role may be filled by one person, or separated to be filled by two individuals.


  • Establish and maintain My Angel Lives brand.

  • Coordinates communication with volunteers, media, constituents

  • Monitor and create content for communication channels such as: Social media (Facebook, Instagram), chapter newsletter, direct mailing, and press releases.

  • Works with the Chair to be a spokesperson for My Angel Lives.


  • Oversee the event planning process for our events.

  • Recruits volunteers to assist with events.

  • Prepares event budget with the treasurer.

  • Reviews past events to identify cost effectiveness and maximize financial opportunities.

  • Organizes and facilitates meetings to determine the type of events planned and all logistics including vendors, marketing, registration, sponsorships, volunteer coordination, procurement of items needed.


  • Coordinates responses to bereaved families who contact the organization for peer support.

  • Maintains records of peer companion activities include orientation, continuing education, and support provided.

  • Directs marketing of family support services to local organizations and health professionals.

  • Facilitates Peer Companion Orientation with Executive Director and coordinate schedule for Peer Companions.

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